Lone Star Maule Winter 2018 Fly-in & Camp-Out

2/2/2018 - 2/4/2018

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A special thanks goes to the Rose family for hosting our group during the Winter 2018 fly-in/camp-out. The Roses went above and beyond to help make this a very successful event! Also thanks go out to Ben S., his wife and EAA 1094 for hosting our Staurday lunch, and everyone else who helped put this event on and those who attended. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.
I hope you received a nice warm tent and/or sleeping bag for Christmas and are making plans to attend the LSMA Winter 2018 Fly-in & Camp-out!!!

Rose Field

33°02'16.8"N / 95°17'36.6"W or 33.038,-95.2956887

North of Winnsboro, TX

Friday, February 2 12:00 PM - Sunday, February 4 12:00 PM
Friday 02/02:
Arrive at ROSE field (monitor 123.45) anytime after Noon on 02/02/2018 and set up camp. Brad & Maritsa Rose have graciously agreed to host this year’s fly-in at their weekend home / 2500’ grass strip located North of Winnsboro, TX. Although uncharted, it is pretty easy to find. Fuel at Winnsboro Airport (F51) at $3.93/gal. Dinner at ROSE Field. $5.00 per person. Chili Dogs, chips & deserts. BYOB Google Maps Click to zoom: Rose Airstrip Coordinates Rose Airstrip Satellite View Note from Brad: Landing strip: North - South. 2500+ feet long. 40x40 white (light grey) HANGAR along with a residence mid-strip on west side. My House / Back Yard & CAMPING location is on the NORTH end of the strip, also on the west side. Power lines that crossed strip near my house/back yard have been BURIED between the poles on either side of the strip! The NORTH half of the strip, from my HOUSE to the HANGAR, is 1400', smooth, hard packed, and level. (For Maules, our Cessna, and usually even my brothers Bonanza, this is the only portion of the strip that typically gets used). The SOUTH half of the strip, from the hangar on southward, is downhill to the south, somewhat narrower, and not quite as smooth, but still very usable. In case of heavy rains before hand, this part of the strip could be wet, more so the farther south you get. Feel free to taxi, park, camp anywhere it looks like your plane will go! Everything is mowed short.
Saturday 02/03:
Fly-out to Sulphur Springs (KSLR) to eat at Red Barn for breakfast. We plan to arrive KSLR around 8:00 a.m. so if you can’t make it Friday, meet us for breakfast & join in the fun from there! The Red Barn ONLY accepts CASH ! Self-serve fuel available @ $4/gal. (2F7 is $3.49/gal). Morning Fly-out: We will have a briefing in the conference room at the KSLR FBO. We will fly to several grass strips south of KSLR and then head north for more grass strip fun. We will land at F53 for lunch! For those of you with ForeFlight, download (see below) the route into ForeFlight and save it for your reference. Route: Rose Airstrip Satellite View Click to Download Route info: Route In ForeFlight Format Route In PDF Format Route In DOCX Format Lunch (Noon): Mt. Vernon Airport (F53) for a Chili Lunch with the EAA Club #1094. $10.00 per person. There is NO fuel at F53 but they do have a grass runway (click image to zoom). Franklin County Airport-F53 Afternoon Fly-out: We will have a briefing in the FBO at F53 and then head NORTH to hit a few grass strips and then fly the Mighty Red River ! Late Afternoon: We will stop at KOSA for fuel on the way and get back to ROSE Field before dark and enjoy a great dinner prepared by Maritsa Rose. $5.00 per person. Fire ring Fellowship: We will have a few door prizes and/or raffle items for the group. Bring a few dollars for raffle tickets. May even have a few surprises for those that make this COLD event.
Sunday 02/04:
Fly-out to KSLR to eat at Red Barn again unless we find another destination near by. Break camp & head home.
Restrooms / Showers:
The Roses have a home right beside our camping area so you will have access to indoor restrooms & showers (bring your own towels, etc.).
WE NEED RSVPs (For Friday and Saturday’s Dinner) so we will know how much food to buy. Please either RSVP by clicking the button below OR email me your RSVP no later than Wednesday 1/31/2018.

Russell Armstrong


Please RSVP By:
Wednesday 1/31/2018 to help with planning for this event.



28 Attending:
  • Andrew Kudlacek - M5-235C (1)
  • Brad & Maritza Rose - Cessna 175 (2)
  • Chad Breuer - M5-210C (1)
  • Charlie Pace - MT7 260 (5)
  • Chris Miller - Carbon Cub (1)
  • Dave Roland - M5 180C (1)
  • David Isham - M6-235 (1)
  • Deric Taylor - M5-210C (3)
  • Julie Thomas - M5-235 (1)
  • K.C. Carpenter - M4 220C (2)
  • Lance Small - M-7 235C (2)
  • Mark Krotky - Taylorcraft (2)
  • Randy Roberts, Mark Richardson - MXT7 180 (2)
  • Russell Armstrong - DHC-2 (1)
  • Steve Jones (2)
  • TJ Van Matre - M4-210 (1)