Foggy Bottom Fly-In

6/1/2019 - 6/2/2019

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UPDATE 05/31: Everything is looking great for tomorrow. We will have a marker on the runway marking the wet spot, wet from that point south. North 2/3 of the runway is great. My phone number is 972-989-7656 if anyone needs to text or call. If we can get a hand-held here we will monitor 123.45. Identifier of 77TE does not work (ForeFlight) for some reason? Y’all come on! Brad Rose
Informal backyard fly-in, cruise-in, party, with overnight camping into Sunday highly encouraged. The girls are going to cook, so there will be food Saturday & Sunday morning.

Foggy Bottom Airport


Winnsboro, TX

Saturday, June 1 3:00 PM - Sunday, June 2 10:00 AM
Arrive at Foggy Bottom (77TE) and monitor 123.45 anytime after 3PM on 06/01/2019 and join the fun. Foggy Bottom has recently been charted and is pretty easy to find even if your GPS database isn't updated. Google Maps Click to zoom: 77TE Coordinates 77TE Satellite View Note from Brad: Landing strip: North - South. 2500+ feet long. 40x40 white (light grey) HANGAR along with a residence mid-strip on west side. My House / Back Yard & camping location is on the NORTH end of the strip, also on the west side. Power lines that crossed strip near my house/back yard have been BURIED between the poles on either side of the strip! The NORTH half of the strip, from my HOUSE to the HANGAR, is 1400', smooth, hard packed, and level. It is the only portion of the strip that typically gets used. The SOUTH half of the strip, from the hangar on southward, is downhill to the south, somewhat narrower, and not quite as smooth, but still very usable. In case of heavy rains before hand, this part of the strip could be wet, more so the farther south you get. Feel free to taxi, park, camp anywhere it looks like your plane will go! Everything is mowed short.

Brad Rose


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3 Attending:
  • Andrew Kudlacek - M5-235C (3)