LSM - Red River Sandbar Flying & Camping

2/29/2020 - 3/1/2020

Created by Andrew K on 1/9/2020 10:26 PM

Last updated on 2/26/2020 2:43 PM

Some off-airport flying and camping along the Red River NW of Gainesville, TX.

"Long Bar" (Google Maps and Sectional view below)


Northwest of Gainesville, TX

Saturday, February 29 - Sunday, March 1
Over the past couple weeks a few of us have been keeping an eye on the sandbar we plan to camp at during the weekend of 2/29 and unless we get some really crazy weather we should be good to go. Below are a couple of pictures and links to videos taken on 2/7 and 2/14 showing the condition of the bar. Since these bars change I will provide another update closer to the event but last week there was plenty of room for our purposes and most of us with 8.50 tires or bigger should not have any issues. With that being said, any landing IS AT YOUR OWN RISK so please plan accordingly. Based on feedback we are going to be keeping this event pretty simple. The tentative plan is for everyone to meet up at the sandbar on Saturday 2/29, setup camp, go fly the river and/or sit back and get some great footage of the action. Lunch will be "BYOL" on the bar or we can fly out to the restaurant at Cedar Mills (3T0), the country club at Falconhead (37K) or go into town in Gainesville (KGLE). Saturday's dinner will be provided on the sandbar where we will grill burgers, hot dogs, sausage, etc. Feel free to bring any dishes that can be cooked on the grill or over a fire, and of course beverages of your choice. To help us plan for Saturday's dinner please provide a headcount for your party so we bring enough food for everyone. Sunday's breakfast might just involve another flight out after breaking down camp or whatever the group is comfortable with. We have permission from the adjacent land owner to fly in and camp out and we hope he will come out and visit with us sometime throughout the weekend. A few of us will be at the sandbar Friday evening for final landing/parking area prep and cleanup so if you find yourself in the area early you are welcome to join us but be prepared that the landing area may not be fully marked until Saturday morning. Again, if you are planning to join us please either RSVP below or send me an email and I will add you to the list so we can plan accordingly.
Primitive: For this trip the bathroom facilities on the sandbar will consist of nature and one of those portable bucket loos, hand wipes and sanitizer.
For aircraft operations we will have the best part of the sandbar marked off with small cones for landing and help guide you to parking upon arrival. After a few landings the "strip" should be fairly obvious. We will have a flag or small windsock to help with wind direction. Lets fly our patterns on the Oklahoma side of the river (northwest) and Monitor 123.45 while approaching the sandbar or flying the river in the vicinity of the sandbar. Tie-downs are recommended but due to the nature of the area most commercially-available solutions probably won't hold much in this soil.
PIREP 2/21:
Jim Lewis visited the sandbar on 2/21 and shared the following photo. He reports the landing area is clear and plenty long and smooth enough for us. Sandbar
PIREP 2/14:
Venko visited the sandbar after the rain on 2/14 and shared the following picture. The sandbar looks even better than the week before. Sandbar
PIREP 2/7:
Huge thanks go out to KC and Venko for the PIREP on the sandbar conditions. Sandbar Sandbar Sandbar Sandbar Sandbar
Here is the Google Maps view of the sandbar. Sectional chart view: Sectional

Andrew Kudlacek

Please RSVP By:
Wednesday 2/26/2020 to help with planning for this event.



16 Attending:
  • Andrew Kudlacek - M5-235C (2)
  • Brian Shirley (1)
  • David Isham - M6 (1)
  • Doug Jackson (1)
  • Frank Johnson - Rans S7 (1)
  • Jim Lewis - M5-210C (1)
  • John Lawson - M-6-235 (2)
  • John Taylor (1)
  • K.C. Carpenter - M4 220C (2)
  • Klaas Koster - M7-235C (2)
  • Skip Kingsbury - Super Cub (1)
  • Venko Damianov - C-180 H (1)