Maule Connections

Maule Check-out Instructors:

  • Herb Hagler @ T31 (McKinney, TX)


    CFI, CFII SEL, SES, tailwheel Maule, Cessna, Super Cub, land and sea Seaplane Pilots Association, Field Director for TX and OK Can do flight reviews in tailwheel and tri-gear single engine aircraft.

  • Ken Wittekiend @ KBMQ (Burnet, TX)

    Promark Aviation


    CFI, CFII Can provide a wide range of training services, with emphasis on single pilot IFR, fundamental maneuvering skills, floatplane and tailwheel training.

  • David Larson @ 5C1 (Boerne, TX)


    CFI, CFII SEL, SES, gliders, instrument. Maule, Cessna, Piper, Mooney Checkouts, flight reviews, ferry flights, mountain flying/backcountry. Also in Durango, CO.

Aircraft Search Sites:


  • PlanePerfect: Link

    Detailing supplies for discerning pilots.

  • SocialFlight: Link

    If you want to quickly find Points of Interest, $100 Hamburgers, Area Fly-ins & Events, Airport & Weather Information, Hotel Info, etc.... then this is a MustHave Ap for your phone or mobile device. Download from the Ap Store. Once you are registered, you can join the TX Maule Club.

  • Recreational Aircraft Foundation (RAF): Link